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Home automation helps provide extra features compared  to installing stand alone home security system.  Standard alarm systems such as Texcom premier elite offer home protection by alerting you to intruders by audible sounders and strobes.  With battery back up these systems offer protection of your property even when the power fails.  These systems work quite well on there own but when integrated into a home automation system such as control4 there is whole new world of possibility’s the alarm system can do.  As well as the features you would expect such as a email notification all blinds can be raised and locked in that position lights can be flashed and audio samples can be played through the multi room audio system making your a home a very hostile place to be an intruder.  The ability to send notifications via email when the alarm is deactivated means you know every time when someone has entered your home whether its the dog walker or cleaner or even what time the kids are home from school you are fully connected with every moment of your home.

home automation security

Control4 texecom integration home automation

Another great feature you get with a control4 and texecom security package is the option to have security set keys on any keypad whether its a secret double press or a simple exit button by the front door.  Security keys will either full set or part set the alarm so for example exit button would switch off all lights, turn off music, put all heating into stand by mode and set the alarm to full protection.  The other option is to have a secret button on a bed side switch which when double pressed will part arm the system protecting your family when your asleep by arming all downstairs areas.  Redington have been working with texecom and control4 building safer homes and offering people peace of mind when it comes to home security.

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