Lighting control systems

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Choosing the right lighting control system from all the market has to offer can be very challenging for technically minded and technophobes alike. Most systems offer some kind of mood settings as well as basic functions such as time delays, schedules and remote access.  What most people really want is a truly reliable system that works perfectly every time and offers reliability for years to come at a fair price it’s not too much to ask for.  The biggest name in the lighting control world has to be LUTRON this product has been used in commercial and domestic areas for many years and offers some great features and control options.  The other big name in lighting control has to be RAKO this system is much the same as lutron at a slightly cheaper price and offers much the same as LUTRON when it comes to style and control options.  Lighting control systems used to be dominated by these two manufacturers and in a lot of cases is still widely used by many integrators however a boom in lighting control systems sales has seen a new band of manufacturers stepping up to introduce their products.

The biggest player in the the design market has to be KNX manufacturers such as GIRA where people began to want more style from their switch finish and the range offered is limitless compared with the choices available from LUTRON or RAKO.

lighting control systems

lighting control systems

One of the newest lighting control systems on the market right now has to be DETA CONNECT this product does not offer the flexibility as the leading products but is much,  much more affordable.  Another great feature of DETA CONNECT is the fact you can take a standard light switch whether 1,2,3 or 4 gang and simply replace it with the DETA add a bridge and hey presto your phone now controls your lighting.  This means now that everyone can have lighting control one any budget options to start with single room control to entire home automation on all lights.  Redington electrical are one of the leading integration and this means what ever system you decided to use can easily be integrated to offer even more great features for from security to comfort.

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