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Tesla powerwall is the latest in eco home technology.  This stunning wall mounted box can power an average 2 bedroom home for around 24hours when fully charged.

tesla powerwall

Tesla have been making stunning electric supercars for a number of years now and there is no bigger name in electrical storage.  Tesla released the powerwall generation 2 recently which has everything needed at an affordable price.


Solar has been leading the way in renewable energy with many people having panels installed onto the roofs of their premises.  In most cases the panels run through an inverter and send power back onto the grid for an agreed payment per unit.  In other words the power is being sold at one rate and being purchased back at a much higher rate.  Using Tesla powerwall means the power being generated is stored and can be used when required around the home of place of work.  This means buying less energy from the grid and in most cases actually not paying for any energy from the grid making much more sense and saving hundreds of pounds every year.


tesla powerwall

If you don’t happen to own solar panels then tesla roof tiles could be the perfect choice when building your new home or thinking of replacing the roof on your current one.  These tiles look like standard roof tiles but generate energy all day everyday making your house earn money while for you.  With tesla powerwall and tesla roof tiles you will never have the worry of having no electricity ever again even if there is problems with the grid due to weather or other extreme circumstances.

Solar generates its most electricity at the peak of day when most people are away at work and the home is using the least amount of energy.  Powerwall is designed to seamlessly work with the solar system, storing the unused energy and automatically releasing it when the sun is not shining.

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